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Introduction to the Employee List                                                              


1) The Employee List is 58 pages long. 

2) This list includes all employees who were on payroll May 26, 1968.  In addition, employees terminated within 6 months prior to May 26th are shown

      with an asterisk to the left of their name.  Those terminated prior to December 1, 1967 are not shown in these listings.

3) According to this list, on May 26, 1968 there were 1,030 employees on payroll. 

4) This list shows a total of  1,499 employees (1,030 active & 469 terminated).

5) The primary sort for this list is by Employee Number.

6) You will notice page 1 through page 10 includes names which are not in alphabetic order. 

7) You will notice page 11 through page 58 are both in order of Employee Number & alphabetic Employee Last Name.

8) The exception to #7 above is when a person changes their last name in pages 11 through page 58 you will see their Last Name change which makes it out of alphabetic sequence.

In other words, if you are trying to find Mary Jones Smith,  look for her as Mary Smith & as Mary Jones.  You might find Mary Smith where Mary Jones used to be in the list.   Confused?

9) The Station Number indicates where the person worked on May 26, 1968.  The exception is when a person was terminated the Station Number shows where they were terminated from.

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