SFO Flight Crew, Pilots & Stewardesses


Almost all of the photos in this site were contributed by past employees, employee family members and others who wanted to participate with us.  If you have any Southwest Airways or Pacific Air Lines photos or slides then please share them with us.  You can email them to the address shown in “CONTACT” above or you can post them on our Facebook Page “Pacific Air Lines”.  Photos posted on our Facebook page will be, in turn, reposted directly in this site by us. A direct link to our Facebook Page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1333197210487115 .  Thank you for sharing.




Captain handing mail to SFO Executives CLICK HERE to view Captain Ernie Clark's photos Ray Andress, 1st Officer (Submitted by Dan Veenstra) Captain Ernie Clark & his Purser presenting cake to SWA Adminitration Staff to celebrate one year of Scheduled Passenger Service - SFO December, 1947 (Submitted by Ernie Clark's daughter, Sharon Clark DeVos) 1948 Flight Crew (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Bill Rohrer, Purser & Marjorie Basher, OAK SWA Employee, 1949 1952- Captain Robert Coleman & Geri Obrien working on Crew Scheduling (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Southwest Airways Pilots carrying woman down back of Martin 404.  L- Earl Spencer? R- R.A. Carrow? Sid Johnson (Submitted by Buck Hilton) L-R Walter Wellinger, Jack Furrer (Submitted by Buck Hilton) Station Agent Captain Bill Hughes, Captain Gordon St. John (Submitted by Buck Hilton) (Submitted by Buck Hilton) L-R Captain Carl Mauck, Cindy, Captain Ernie Clark - Photo by Mike Haywood (Submitted by Ernie Clark's daughter, Sharon Clark DeVos) L-R ???, Bob Brown, Bonnie Starr, ??? (Submitted by Buck Hilton) Captain Bob Coleman at bat during the Annual Pilot/Mechanics baseball game- July 1966 (Submitted by Fred Lopez) L-R Jack Furrer & brother Dick Furrer (Submitted by Buck Hilton) L-R Harry Coffin, Earl Spencer, Pete Peterson, Bonnie Starr (Submitted by Buck Hilton) Bonnie Starr, ??? (Submitted by Buck Hilton) Jerry Jorgensen, ??? (Submitted by Buck Hilton) Jimmy Douglass patiently waiting for his Martin 404 to be fixed - 1958 (Submitted by Jimmy's son, Jim Douglass) Jimmy Douglass at home 1951 (Submitted by Jimmy's son, Jim Douglass) Captain Dave Doak (Submitted by Dave Doak) Captain Tom Flickinger (Submitted by Tom's son, Tom Flickinger, Jr.) Bill Critch, 1st Officer (Submitted by Bill Critch) Captain Edward Osborne, a Militaty Hero. - See Company News, April 1953 (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Captain Harry Spear (WW2 Army Air Corps Photo) Governor Pat Brown learns the art of flying by Captain Rudy Couk (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Captain Dave Doak & First Officer Dick Furrer SF Bay Rescue (Submitted by Joan Prince Crandall) Captain Burt Dupree's art (Submitted by Richard Ayres) Captain Burt Dupree's art (Submitted by Richard Ayres) SWA March 1953 Thunderbird Company Publication (Submitted by Fred Lopez)   Caption - WHADDAYA MEAN - INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK? 1964 (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Stewardess Marge Shafer (Submitted by Dan Veenstra) 1960 Stewardess Meeeting in SFO GO ???, Bill Brewer (Submitted by Buck Hilton) 1966 Martin 404 LAX 1966 Martin 404 LAX Frank Svoboda with Joyce Tawes to right  (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Paul Goldman, Joyce Tawes & Walt Rollins (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Mary Jane Hanaman being interviewed (Submitted by Fred Lopez) L-R Paula Law, Steven Bradley, Ralph Johansen, Paul Goldman, Vickie Schultz (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Right - Jean Parker (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Evacuation Practice - 1966 Stewardess retraining in preparation for Boeing 727's (Submitted by Fred Lopez) 1966 SFO (Submitted by Fred Lopez) (Submitted by Tom Bailey) Stewardess Sylvia Townley photos of her working onbord flights Stewardess Sylvia Townley onboard an F27 - NOTE: Separate Photo Album to the left not availble while scrolling photos (Submitted by Sylvia Townley) title= (Submitted by Tom Bailey) (Submitted by Tom Bailey) Waiting for her flight (Submitted by Buck Hilton) (Submitted by Tom Bailey) (Submitted by Tom Bailey) Center - Mary Ateca (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Upper Right - Evelyn Busse (Submitted by Fred Lopez) L-R Vickie Schultz, Sandy Scott, Paula Bacciocco, Stephanie Webster- 1967 (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Linda Blakley, Jimmy Durante (Submitted by Fred Lopez) L-R Betty Griffin, Mary (Berger) Lord, Joyce Tawes (Submitted by Fred Lopez) 1964 (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Pam Lamberti (Submitted by Richard Ayres) Christel Schemainski, Miss Pacific Air Lines (Submitted by Dan Veenstra) With PC Uniforms L-R Vickie Schultz, Mary Ateca, Nora Cahill (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Fresno, 1968 pre-merger - L-R, George Galvin, VP Community Affairs; Pacific Stewardess Renee Tatham; Stewardesses of West Coast Airlines, Bonanza Air Lines & Pacific Air Lines (Submitted by Renee Tatham Yapp) Ann Galvin (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Beth Ann Salz (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Candy Mann (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Cynthia Smith (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Renee Tatham (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Gail Packard (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Janet Moore (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Joan Tassler (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Judy Martin (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Kathy Sajdyk (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Kristine Krauss (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Lai Lun Mark (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Lana Ashford (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Marilyn Baum (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Nancy Potts (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Ramona Peters (Submitted by Fred Lopez)



Miscellaneous Cabin Memorabilia


(Submitted by Michael Harwood) (Submitted by Michael Harwood) Crew Luggage Tag Beverage Coaster (Submitted by Jim Wells) Matches (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Matches (Submitted by Fred Lopez) Napkins (Submitted by Jim Wells