District Sales Offices


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L-R Paula Law; Steven Bradley, DSM, LAX; Ralph Johansen; Paul Goldman, Manager Interline & Agency Sales; Vickie Schultz (Submitted by Fred Lopez)  1967 Left - John Justice, DSM, SJC (Submitted by Fred Lopez) 1- Joyce Tawes, Flight Attendant; 2- Walt Rollins, VP Marketing; 3- Steve Bradley, District Sales Manager LAX; 4- Jim Justice, District Sales Manager SJC; 5- Nickie Nick, Station Manager SAC; 6- George Cornelius, District Sales Manager SFO; 7- Dave Keeton, Station Manager SFO; 8- Brody Tyler, Station Manager ACV; 9- ???, 10- Don Boyle, Director of Sales 11- ???; 12- Jim Zamensky, Station Manager FAT; 13- Jack Green baum, Sales Representative SFO; 14- Paul Goldman, Director of Internet/Agency Sales; 15- Mary Jane Kiehl, Flight Attendant (Submitted by Tom Bailey)



System-wide Promotions


1963 Beauty Pagent Welcome (Submitted by Fred Lopez) September 1961, Miss California Beauty Pagent Contestants (Submitted by Fred Lopez) 1959 Miss California Contestants (Submitted by Fred Lopez) SJC Miss California Contestants (Submitted by Fred Lopez Miss California Contestants